USA: Heftige öffentliche Debatten um Zwangsimpfung gegen Krebs

(ht) In den USA gewinnt die Kontroverse um eine Pflichtimpfung aller Mädchen gegen Krebs an Fahrt. Einer der Brennpunkte der Auseinandersetzung ist Texas, wo der Gouveneur die Pflichtimpfung unter Umgehung seines Parlaments anordnete. Mit einem Kommentar von Barbara Loe Fisher (engl.)

"New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer already has proposed spending taxpayer dollars in an effort to begin pushing Gardasil. One New York legislator gushed over the Texas governor's more forceful action, calling it "terrific" and a move to be emulated in the Empire State. Further south, Virginia appears poised to fall in line with the Gardasil bandwagon, and many other states are moving in that direction. Merck & Co., the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures Gardasil, is not simply standing by to answer questions from concerned legislators and health officials. The company is pulling out all stops in an effort to secure legislation mandating vaccination with its product.....While there have been no reports of serious side effects as a result of the new Gardasil programs, some study participants reportedly experienced low-grade fever or flulike symptoms. The National Vaccine Information Center, a national nonprofit organization, essentially a vaccine watchdog, released information earlier this month that young girls were suffering worse symptoms such as "severe headaches, dizziness, temporary loss of vision and some girls have lost consciousness during what appear to be seizures." - Bob Barr, Atlanta Journal Constitution

"The Texas House will take its first step Monday to overturn Gov. Rick Perry's mandate that schoolgirls be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted virus linked to cervical cancer. The House Public Health Committee posted notice Tuesday that it will hold a public hearing on a bill that would pre-empt Perry's order and prevent the human papillomavirus vaccine from being required for admission to any elementary or secondary school...."It's terribly inappropriate for the state of Texas to mandate a vaccination that we know so little about," said Bonnen. He said parents should be the ones to decide whether to immunize their daughters...If Bonnen's bill passes both the House and Senate it then would go to Perry for his signature. It would take two-thirds majorities of the House and Senate to override a veto....Lawmakers also are awaiting a ruling from the attorney general about Perry's authority to issue such a broad order." - Janet Elliott, Houston Chronicle

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

After 25 years of a grassroots effort by parents of vaccine injured children to raise public awareness about vaccine risks and the need for informed consent protections in the mass vaccination system, the long awaited public debate about forced vaccination of our children with every vaccine the pharmaceutical industry produces is finally taking place in America. Ironically, it is the pharmaceutical industry itself which has taken the debate national. Educated parents and legislators, no longer afraid to push back when drug companies and doctors push to mandate new vaccines for use by all school children, are protesting proposed state mandates that would force 11 year old girls to take Merck's HPV vaccine, GARDASIL.

The debate that is raging in the living rooms of parents, in state legislatures and in the pages of newspapers and television studios is not only about the quality and quantity of the science Merck used to prove GARDASIL is safe to give to 11 year old girls and the necessity of mandating an expensive vaccine for an infection that cannot be caught in the school classroom. It is also about drawing a line in the sand when it comes to adding more vaccines to the 40 doses of vaccines already required for children to attend daycare and school. With the addition of the three doses of HPV vaccine, the CDC recommends 56 doses of 16 vaccines be given to American children by age 12. The states haven't caught up with mandating all 56 CDC recommended doses yet, but they have mandated more than 3 dozen of them.

How many more vaccines is America going to mandate for children to get an education, as I said on the Feb. 13 Today Show, before somebody finds out why millions of highly vaccinated American children are so sick, with 1 in 150 autistic, 1 in 6 learning disabled and hyperactive and millions of others suffering with asthma, diabetes, arthritis, intestinal bowel disorders and other brain and immune system dysfunction?

The citizens of Texas, who are known for their motto: Don't mess with Texas, are flexing their muscles when it comes to forced use of an HPV vaccine that has not been studied for long term safety or effectiveness when given to 11 year old girls entering puberty. All eyes are on Texas now, the state whose Governor got drunk with executive power and imposed his will on the people in order to force vaccination without the people's consent.

The National Vaccine Information Center was founded and is operated by parents empowering other parents with information so they can fight for their right to made informed vaccine choices. I am placing my bet on the parents of Texas, led by PROVE president Dawn Richardson, who are arming themselves with information and educating their legislators - one on one - and fighting for the right of every Texan to make informed, voluntary choices about the kind of preventive health care they want for themselves and their children, including which vaccines their children are required to use to get an education.