Sind die explodierenden Autismus-Zahlen in Kalifornien eine Folge der Massenimpfungen?

(ht) In Kalifornien explodieren derzeit die Autismusfälle. Innerhalb von 9 Monaten traten so viele neue Fälle auf, wie in den 16 Jahren zuvor. Die Behörden rätseln über die Ursachen, sind sich jedoch sicher, dass es nicht an der gleichfalls enorm gewachsenen Anzal von Impfungen liegen kann. Für Barbara Loe Fischer vom National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) steht jedoch fest, dass die Impfstoffe zwar nicht die alleinige Ursache sind, aber doch einen wesentlichen Anteil an dieser neuen "Seuche" haben.

"In 1971,California included autism as a qualifying condition to it's developmental services system. During the 16 year period from 1971 through 1987, California had a total caseload of roughly 2700 persons with autism. Rick Rollens said "During the past nine months alone, from July 2006 to April 2007, California added roughly 2700 new autism cases. What used to take 16 years in caseload growth now takes 9 months!" Twenty years ago in 1987 there were 2700 persons with autism in the California system. Today, there are nearly 34,000 and 92% of the children were born after 1980, with 84% under the age of 21 and 78% under the age of 18. "We are still waiting for the missing 14,000+ adults with autism that should be in our system if there has not been a real increase in autism to show up now that we know what autism looks like," added Rick. " Still no sign of them. "

"Just before his third birthday, Eric was diagnosed with autism. He is now 9 and his younger brother Jack is 7. Jack was not vaccinated and shows no signs of autism. Today, 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with autism. Most agree that the disorder is caused by both genetic and environmental factors. For the Estepps, they believe the genetic cause for Eric was a family history of weakened immune systems, and the environmental was the vaccinations. Doctor Kurt Woeller, who treats autistic children thinks pediatricians should look at each child, and their family history, before recommending how many vaccines they receive. "What I know personally, as a physician, is the stories parents tell me, over and over again. How their kids regressed into autism sometimes a day after getting a series of shots. I believe that we are looking at an overuse and indiscriminate use of vaccines." - XETV-Fox 6, San Diego

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

Another report from Rick Rollens in California confirming what parents of children under five already know: America's autism epidemic is not slowing down because America's children are being overvaccinated. The autism epidemic is not just about mercury or aluminum or formaldehyde or phenoxyethanol or gluteraldehyde or sodium borate or any other single component of vaccines. Vaccine induced brain inflammation and chronic neuroimmune dysfunction is a complex, multi-factoral interaction between genetic and other host biological high risk factors and one or more live virus and killed bacterial vaccines given simultaneously and repeatedly in the critical first few hours, days, weeks and months of life.

All of the biological mechanisms and high risk factors have yet to be identified. But we know that during the past 25 years, as the numbers of doses of vaccines public health officials insist on giving children have more than doubled, we have fundamentally changed the way that humans experience their environment in the critical developmental period when the brain and immune system develop most rapidly.

Doctors in leadership positions in the CDC and AAP had better get their collective heads out of the sand and take a good look at the chronic disease and disability epidemic that is thriving because of their utilitarian approach to mass vaccination policies. They had better get off the idea that there is a difference between individual and public health. There is no difference. Because when you believe it is morally acceptable to harm one in the community, you eventually end up justifying harm to many in the community.

Look at what has been done in the name of the greater good.