USA: Anthrax-Zwangsimpfungen auch von Zivilisten möglich

(ht) Eine Anthrax-Expertin warnt vor der Möglichkeit, dass neben der obligatorischen Impfung von Soldaten in den USA unter Umständen auch Zivilisten eine Zwangsimpfung mit dem riskanten und umstrittenen Anthrax-Impfstoff droht, z.B. im Falle von weiteren Anthrax-Anschlägen mit Briefen.

Civilians could be facing mandatory anthrax shots - Expert warns government has 10 million doses for 'emergency'

"Not only has the highly controversial anthrax vaccine returned as mandatory for members of the U.S. military, but now a medical expert who testified before Congress on the dangers of those shots is warning that under some circumstances civilians could be facing government-ordered anthrax vaccinations. Dr. Meryl Nass, a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, told WND that should there be another anthrax attack, such as the powder-laden envelopes that arrived at a U.S. Senate office building and other offices in 2001, such an order is legally and technically possible. If a handful of people were to be exposed in an office building in Los Angeles, for example, the government could issue an order for vaccination for "everybody in the building, maybe everybody in Los Angeles. That's what people now are facing," she said.
The highly controversial shots were first mandated for U.S. military troops heading to the Middle East for the Gulf War in 1991, and again for the Iraq War in 2003. But according to investigative journalist Gary Matsumoto's book, "Vacccine-A," many of the military service members were given an experimental anthrax vaccine without their knowledge or consent.  (...)"
- World Net Daily, April 04, 2007