Gibt es einen Zusammenhang zwischen Impfungen und Depressionen bei Senioren? 

  Lösen Impfungen bei Senioren Depressionen aus?

(ir) Der amerikanische Arzt Russel L. Blaylock geht in einem ausführlichen Artikel auf die Ursachen von Depressionen und anderen neurologischen Störungen bei Senioren über 50 ein. Seiner Ansicht nach gibt es eine ganze Reihe von Faktoren, die das spezielle Immunsystem des Gehirns aktivieren, was jedoch wegen der Ausschüttung giftiger Substanzen bei längerer Aktivierung zu neurologischen Störungen führen kann. Einer der wesentlichen Faktoren sind Impfstoffe. vom 26. Februar 2008

Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., CCN

It has been estimated that 14.8 million Americans suffer from major depressive disorder and of this number 6 million are elderly. If we include anxiety disorders, which commonly accompany depression, the number jumps to 40 million adults.

Depression later in life tends to last longer and be more severe than at younger ages. It is also associated with a high rate of suicide. Previously, it was thought that major depression was secondary to a deficiency in certain neurotransmitters in the brain, particularly the monoamines, which include serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.

While alterations in these important mood-related neurotransmitters is found with major depression, growing evidence indicates that the primary culprit is low-grade, chronic brain inflammation.

This exclusive article will review in detail the functions and impact of various agents on depression and neurodegeneration, including:

Current recommendations by the CDC for adult vaccinations include a total of 14 separate inoculations with infectious agents and powerful immune adjuvants.

According to CDC recommendations, multiple vaccinations for a single disease are separated by no more than 4 weeks, which is close enough together to trigger a smoldering process of brain inflammation and excitotoxicity that can not only result in depression, anxiety and high suicide rates, but can increase your risk of developing one of the neurodegenerative diseases as well.

We have also seen that in many cases a person will be injected with several vaccines during a single office visit and this means that their body is exposed to a very large dose of immune adjuvant. Compelling studies, using many animal species as well as humans, have shown that this overactivates brain inflammatory mechanisms that can last for years.

Kommentar von Dr. Mercola: 

I urge you to read Dr. Blaylock’s full-length article, Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50: Another Reason to Avoid the Recommended Vaccines, a exclusive, for a fascinating in-depth look at how neurodegenerative diseases are created, and how to protect yourself from what many consider to be simply side effects of the ravages of time -- but are anything but a natural byproduct of aging.