USA: Neue Studie will Harmlosikeit von Quecksilber in Impfstoffen beweisen

USA: Neue Studie will Harmlosikeit von Quecksilber in Impfstoffen beweisen

(ir) Die US-amerikanische Vereinigung der Kinderärzte AAP veröffentlichte früher als ursprünglich geplant eine Studie über die Folgen von Thiomersal in Impfstoffen. 200 Babies und Kinder nahmen an dieser Studie teil. Das Ergebnis: Nach durchschnittlich 3,7 Tagen war kein Quecksilber mehr im Blut der Versuchskinder nachweisbar. Dies wird von der AAP als Beweis dafür gewertet, dass Thiomersal vom Körper schnell wieder ausgeschieden werde und somit harmlos sei. Kritiker weisen jedoch darauf hin, dass das Verschwinden des Quecksilbers aus dem Blut nicht automatisch bedeute, dass es auch ausgeschieden worden sei. Es könne auch ins Gehirn gewandert sein. 

Eigentlich hätte die Studie erst am 4. Februar in Pediatrics, dem Journal der AAP erscheinen sollen. Barbara Loe Fisher von der impfkritischen Organisation NVIC sieht in der verfrühten Publikation (30. Jan. 2008) den ihrer Ansicht nach offensichtlichen Versuch, den voraussichtlichen Image-Schaden durch die Ausstrahlung einer kritischen Sendung über Autismus zu begrenzen, die für den 31. Januar auf ABC geplant war.

Quelle: NVIC-Newsletter vom 31. Jan. 2008



Mercury Study Released Early to Help AAP Bash ABC

by Barbara Loe Fisher

The AAP leadership is just not going to give up insisting that it is a very, very good thing to inject mercury into infants and children. They are going to twist themselves into pretzels trying to defend the indefensible premise that a known neurotoxin belongs in childhood vaccines, as evidenced by today's early release of a methodologically questionable "study" by Michael Pichichero, M.D. purporting to exonerate the mercury-based vaccine preservative, thimerosal, from any responsibility for children developing vaccine- associated autism. http://www.pharmali articleid=510116&categoryid=40

The study, originally scheduled to be published Feb. 4 in the AAP journal, Pediatrics, was released "early" in an effort to blunt the impact of tonight's broadcast of a fictional drama on ABC-TV that highlights the ordeal of a family whose son developed autism after receiving mercury-containing vaccines. http://www.forbe ut612206.html

Here is what all the fuss is about (for today at least): Pichichero claims his study of about 200 babies and children, who were injected with vaccines containing ethyl mercury (thimerosal), showed that measurable mercury levels in the blood of the children were gone within 3.7 days. This, says Pichichero, is much quicker than the average 44 days it takes for methyl mercury (found in fish) to be undetectable in the blood. Ergo, he says, exposure to thimerosal does not cause brain damage or autism!

Not so fast, says Thomsas Brubacher, M.D., a scientist who studies the biological effects of ethyl mercury on primates. "Just because it came out of the blood doesn't mean it is excreted from the body. It could have gone to the brain. In primates, you actually get more mercury in the brain after exposure to ethyl mercury than with methyl mercury - it has an easier time crossing the blood brain barrier." 0130/vaccine-mercury-leaves-blood-fast

Now, whether you think that all or part of the autism epidemic has been caused by children getting too many mercury containing vaccines or whether you think that a subset of children suffering with autism have been affected by mercury containing vaccines or you believe mercury containing vaccines do not play any role at all in the autism epidemic:


News Flash for the AAP and pediatricians everywhere: there is no mother on this planet who would, willingly, ask you to inject her baby with mercury. It does not matter if ethyl mercury has been "proven" or "not proven" to be the cause of the autism epidemic. It is simple from a parent's perspective:


The AAP leadership and doctors inside and outside of government, who have become apologists for unsafe vaccines and one-size-fits-all vaccine policies, are dancing like clowns as they threaten freedom of the press and attempt to cover-up vaccine injuries and deaths not only potentially caused by thimerosal - but also potentially caused by many other biological mechanisms involved in vaccine induced brain and immune system dysfunction, including autism. The dance would be almost comical if their stubborn defense of mercury in vaccines did not reveal so much more about a cavalier disregard for scientific truth and human life.