USA: Lebensgefahr bei Kleinkind nach Pockenimpfung des Vaters

(ht) Ein 2jähriger Junge erlitt nach der Pockenimpfung seines Vaters, einem US-Soldat, eine lebensgefährliche Infektion mit dem Impfvirus. Mit einem Kommentar von Barbara Loe Fisher.

"A 2-year-old boy is being treated in Chicago for a rare and life-threatening infection that he contracted from his father, a U.S. Army soldier recently vaccinated against smallpox. The Indiana boy is in critical condition with eczema vaccinatum, an unusual side effect of the smallpox vaccine that can affect people who receive the shot or their close contacts. Doctors also said the boy appears to have passed the infection to his mother, who has a much milder case of the virus in the smallpox vaccine, which is also called vaccinia.........The boy's rash had spread to cover 80 percent of his body, said Dr.Madelyn Kahana, chief of pediatric intensive care medicine at the U. of C. He was going into sepsis, a devastating, systemwide infection rarely seen with viral cases. "In the later stages of [eczema vaccinatum], it can look like smallpox," said Damon of the CDC. The boy needed a ventilator to help his breathing because of the powerful pain medication he needed for the lesions. The boy received the primary treatment for eczema vaccinatum, a drug called vaccinia immune globulin, or VIG. The drug came from a stockpile the CDC keeps in case widespread vaccination ever becomes necessary. He also got an antiviral drug called cidofovir and the experimental drug ST-246, which has been shown to protect laboratory animals from exposure to smallpox. The drug recently entered preliminary human trials but had never been used in a sick patient. U. of C. officials said the boy has shown signs of improvement since hitting a low point last weekend. Kahana said the boy probably will lose 20 percent of his outer skin layer, but she hopes he will recover without the need for skin grafts." - Jeremy Manier, Chicago Tribune

"Gloria Kelly, spokeswoman for the Canadian Forces health services group, said Monday that the Department of National Defence is not considering the same. "At this point in time, we are not requiring our people to have anthrax vaccinations nor are we considering it," Kelly said from Ottawa. Both the Canadian and U.S. militaries ceased mandatory anthrax immunizations after questions arose about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. The U.S. army continued to offer a voluntary vaccination but only about half of U.S. soldiers signed on. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has since declared the anthrax vaccine safe and effective, opening the door to the mandatory program south of the border." - Dene Moore, Canadian Press

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

Within weeks of Sept. 11, 2001, there was an announcement by CDC officials that old stockpiles of smallpox vaccine would be diluted to make enough doses to vaccinate millions of Americans in case terrorists used weaponized smallpox to attack the U.S. population. Public health and Department of Defense officials did not explain (1) how the terrorists could have stolen the smallpox virus from one of the two maximum security laboratories in the U.S.or Russia; (2) why terrorists would have the technical expertise and special lab facilities to culture and maintain the viability of the virus; (3) how they could transport the virus in liquid or powder form without destroying its effectiveness; or (4) how they acquired the sophisticated and expensive technology to deliver weaponized smallpox to large numbers of people.

What public health and DOD officials did know post 9-11 is that (1) the old live vaccinia virus vaccine for smallpox was never tested for safety in controlled clinical trials before it was used on a mass basis (2) 1 in 4,000 vacinees suffer severe reactions; (3) those recently vaccinated become infected with vaccinia virus and can transmit the vaccine virus to close contacts, leading to injury and death for some;(4) the most deadly side effects of smallpox vaccination are progressive vaccinia (disintegration of the flesh, internal organs and bones causing death within 6 months); encephalitis/encephalomyelitis (brain inflammation within 25 days after vaccination causing permanent brain damage); eczema vaccinatum (high fever, swollen lymph nodes, inflammation and skin lesions, especially in persons with a history of eczema) or generalized vaccinia (smallpox-like total body rash).

The DOD continues to push the highly reactive smallpox vaccine, as well as the highly reactive anthrax vaccine, on U.S. soldiers without their informed consent while failing to provided any evidence to the American public that weaponized smallpox or anthrax is possessed by any terrorist group with the expertise and means to successfully unleash those weaponized organisms on anyone. Tens of thousands of soldiers have suffered smallpox and anthrax vaccine reactions and tens of hundreds have suffered permanent brain and immune system dysfunction or have died.

The tragic consequences of one-size-fits-all forced vaccination policies in both military and civilian life is that nobody is held accountable when casualties occur. The human casualties are written off as expendable in the name of the greater good, even when the greater good is nowhere to be found.

Quelle: NVIC-Newsletter vom  17. März 2007