Von WHO und CDC verschwiegen: Mutierte Polioviren verursachten Polio

Geheimpolitik um mutierte Polio-Impfviren

(ir) Ausbrüche von Kinderlähmung in Nigeria und anderen Ländern wurden in Wahrheit von mutierten Polio-Impfviren verursacht. Dies war der Weltgesundheitsbehörde (WHO) und der amerikanischen Seuchenbehörde CDC seit Jahren bekannt, wurde jedoch der Öffentlichkeit nicht mitgeteilt. Im Gegenteil, diese Erkrankungen wurden entgegen besserem Wissen den Nicht-Geimpften zugeschrieben – obwohl die Erkrankten oftmals mehrfach geimpft waren.

Quelle: NVIC-Newsletter vom 11. Okt. 2007 


Mutated Live Vaccine Polioviruses Pollute Water, Paralyze

by Barbara Loe Fisher

In yet another stunning example of arrogant and immoral behavior, doctors at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admitted last week that they deliberately did not tell "the public" that neurovirulent mutated vaccine strain live polio viruses are polluting world water supplies and are responsible for polio outbreaks among children in Nigeria and other countries. Dr. David Heymann, a leader in WHO's polio eradication effort, reportedly explained that WHO "considered the [Nigerian] outbreak to be a problem for scientists and not something that would change global vaccination practices" so WHO didn't share the information with the public until now.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ ap/20071005/ap_on_he_me/nigeria_polio_paradox

There is a lot of information that WHO and CDC officials have not shared with the public about what forcing worldwide use of a live oral polio for 40 years has done. The Sabin live polio vaccine - which is the public health community's main claim to fame and fortune in the 20th century - may not only have unleashed the most feared autoimmune disorder to plague man in two centuries
( http://www.lrb.co.uk/v25/n07/hoop01_.html ) as well as caused increases in brain, bone and lung cancers ( http://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/jnci% 3b94/3/229-a.pdf)
but also has created mutant paralytic viruses that could cripple many more humans than would have been crippled if the live virus polio vaccine had never been used at all.

The US abandoned the Sabin live polio vaccine in 1999 and switched to the inactivated Salk vaccine that cannot cause vaccine strain polio. So why are billions of dollars being spent to pour the risky live virus polio vaccine into the mouths of the poorest babies in the most underprivileged countries in the world where sanitation and water supplies are already compromised?

The worst part of this deception is that WHO and CDC spin doctors are trying to convince parents in Africa, India and elsewhere that it is the "unvaccinated" who are causing vaccine strain polio outbreaks even though many of these children are getting 9 or 10 polio vaccinations
http://vaccineawakening.blogspot.c om/search?q=India%2C+polio+vaccine Although public health officials are trying to blame polio outbreaks on the 'unvaccinated," the medical literature documents that assertion to be false.

Here is just a sampling of articles from the medical literature about mutated vaccine strain polio viruses causing paralytic disease in vaccinated populations:

1) In 1999, Paul Fine took information from a WHO document and published an article in the American Journal of Epidemiology on the transmissability and persistence of oral polio viruses. He concluded that "the findings indicate that OPV viruses could persist under various plausible circumstances" after mass vaccination with live OPV around the world is stopped.
(http://pt.wkhealth.com/pt/re/ajep/abstract.00000429- 199911150- 00001.htm;jsessionid=HKgZjMMTjTzWZ9tW5wGr0wTh FLHL2JPG2DxRvhKgywb2NL11TyvJ!-656639706! 181195629!8091!-1)

(2) In 2000, Israeli and CDC researchers reported in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology that a "highly evolved derivative of the Type 2 oral poliovaccine strain" was isolated from sewage in Israel. They concluded that "the presence in the environment of a highly evolved, neurovirulent OPV- derived poliovirus in the absence of polio cases has important implications for strategies for the cessation of immunization with OPV following global polio eradication." (http://jcm.asm.org/cgi/content/abstract/38/10/3729)

(3) In 2002, Japanese researchers reported in the Journal of General Virology on a 1993-1995 survey of poliovirus in river and sewage water. They concluded that "The prevalence of virulent type vaccine derived polioviruses (VDPV's) in river and sewage water suggested that the oral poliovaccine itself had led to wide environmental pollution in nature." (http://vir.sgmjournals.org/cgi/content/asbtract/83 /5/1107)

(4) In 2002, Russian and FDA researchers reported in the Journal of Virology on the "Long Term Circulation of Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus That Causes Paralytic Disease" after finding a highly evolved derivative of the Sabin vaccine strain isolated in a case of paralytic poliomyelitis from a healthy 7 month old baby "in an apparently adequately immunized population." When the researchers analyzed the genome of the isolate, they found it was a double (type1-type2) vaccine-derived recombinant and that the number of mutations suggested "both had diverged from their vaccine predecessors." They concluded that "The reported data indicate that vaccine-derived viruses may make their way through narrow breaches and evolve into transmissible pathogens even in adequately immunized populations." (http: //jvi.asm.org/cgi/content/full/76/13/6791)

(5) In 2003, Russian and FDA researchers published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a "Microarray analysis of evolution of RNA viruses: Evidence of circulation of virulent highly divergent vaccine-derived polioviruses." They said "We identified a type-3 VDPV (vaccine derived polio virus) isolated from a healthy person and missed by conventional methods of screening. The mutational profile of the polio strain was consistent with less than 1 year circulation in human population and was highly virulent in transgenic mice, confirming the ability of VDPV to persist in communities despite high levels of immunity." (http://www/pnas.org/cgi/content/abstract/100/16/9 398)

(6) In 2005, Russian and FDA researchers published an article in Journal of Virology in which they reported on results of a study of vaccine-derived isolates from "an immunocompromised poliomyelitis patient, the contacts, and the local sewage." They acknowledged that "The increased neurovirulence of vaccine derivatives has been known since the beginning of OPV use, but their ability to establish circulation in communities has been recognized only recently during the latest stages of the polio eradication campaign." They go on to discuss the new recombinant type 2/type1 genome that has developed as a result of mass use of live polio vaccine as well as "another mutation in the VP3 protein" that may facilitate "virus spread in immunized populations." Their conclusion:

"The patterns and rates of the accumulation of synonymous mutations in isolates collected from the patient over the extended period of [vaccine strain poliovirus] excretion suggest either a substantially nonuniform rate of mutagenesis throughout the genome, or, more likely, the strains may have been intratypic recombinants between coevolving derivatives with different degrees of divergence from the vaccine parent. This study provides insight into the early stages of the establishment of circulation by runaway vaccine strains." ( http://jvi.asm.org/cgi/content/abstract/79/2/1062)

For too long, vaccine-wielding doctors employed by the U.S. government and worldwide medical organizations, like the WHO, have joined with pharmaceutical companies and conned politicians and populations around the world into accepting forced use of vaccines that have not been properly tested and regulated. When doctors and scientists think they are entitled to experiment on people and keep those medical experiments secret, it is no wonder that iatragenic diseases like cancers, AIDS and mutated vaccine strain viral diseases soon follow.

It is time to take the holy robes off of doctors and scientists who are tinkering with the biological integrity of the human race and the ecological balance on earth. The parents in Africa and India, who are fleeing from the vaccine-wielding doctors hunting their children down, are not ignorant or crazy. They are exercising common sense.